Is there any harmful effects from breathing second-hand vapor from electronic cigarettes?

Question by : Is there any harmful effects from breathing second-hand vapor from electronic cigarettes?
I’m switching to e-smoking soon and my wife is refusing to let me smoke this supposedly harmless material in the house or around my child. She is convinced there is no such thing as harmless smoking.

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Answer by Kate
The only study is by Dr Laugesen, he says:

“No second hand smoke … Second hand mist from an e-cigarette is not smoke at all, and does not contain any substance known to cause death, short or long term, in the quantities found. It becomes invisible within a few seconds, and is not detectable by smell…

Exhaled breath after e-cigarette use has been tested for CO only. No increase in CO was found…

Exhaled breath after e-smoking contains even less nicotine per puff, as much of the nicotine inhaled is absorbed. Similarly, propylene glycol is largely absorbed and little is exhaled…

The e-cigarette does not create side-stream smoke…

Propylene glycol is harmless – it is used in making theatrical fog and as an ingredient in soaps, personal lubricants and intravenous medicines.

No harm found in e-cigarette mist…”

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  1. Bethney says:

    Definitely better than secondhand smoke from smoking cigarettes. My little brother smoked for 12 years and used this device for 3 months and is now a non-smoker. For one you don’t have to smell like a cigarette anymore, something about holding a piece of metal and plastic doesn’t make you smell like holding a real cigarette does, especially if it has been raining. (If you are a smoker you know what I’m talking about.) Point two takes us to the nasty job of disposing of the cigarette butt, that’s right, no more stinky ashtrays or nasty litter to clean up later. You are also subjecting yourself to even less carcinogens considering that your not smoking the paper that holds the tobacco together, your not smoking the gunpowder that keeps the cigarette burning (ever noticed the little rings that go around the cigarette all the way up and down the paper?) and your not even smoking the freebased chemicals that enhance the tobacco. In fact, your not even smoking the tobacco anymore. However, I would still have to agree with your wife that smoking around the kid is not good. Kids emulate us without us even realizing it. It is up to us to set good examples for our children so that they don’t follow the same vices that we struggle with and they have a better life because of it. I am a smoker. I do not smoke in my home around or in front of my children. I have also thought about purchasing this product however the costliness of the startup package has deferred my decision to a later time. Good Luck.